Falcon 9.6

Sends ICMP packets to your hosts to see if they're "alive"
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9.6.3 (See all)
Caracolix Media

Checks the servers you own by sending ping packets to see if they respond and work properly. For each packet sent to a target it displays the ping time, and an average response time if multiple pings are used, Site number, pack and the result to get a better overview of the server.

Learn how reliable is your web hosting service. Even if you believe things works flawless you may be surpriced after runing a reliability test. Falcon pings your web sites in a special way on a regular basis and tells you what is going on. You can set several degrees of warnings and you can also share your experiences by uploading your results to our database. With your help our database will become a reliable source of unbiased facts. Falcon servers remotely supplies your console with reference pings for more accurate readings and to avoid false lag due to local conection problems.

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